The Texts of the Variable Portions of The

Divine Liturgy in Upcoming Weeks


      Sunday, December 27th n.s. / December 14th o.s.

      Saturday, January 2nd n.s. / December 20th o.s.

      Sunday, January 3rd n.s. / December 21st o.s.

      Thursday, January 7th n.s. / December 25th o.s.

      Sunday, January 10th n.s. / December 28th o.s.

      Thursday, January 14th n.s. / January 1st o.s.

      Saturday, January 16th n.s. / January 3rd o.s.

      Sunday, January 17th n.s. / January 4th o.s.

      Tuesday, January 19th n.s. / January 6th o.s.

      Sunday, January 24th n.s. / January 11th o.s.

      Sunday, January 31st n.s. / January 18th o.s.

      Saturday, February 6th n.s. / January 24th o.s.

      Sunday, February 7th n.s. / January 25th o.s.

      Friday, February 12th n.s. / January 30th o.s.


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Note: The order of the Troparia and Kontakia given are for a Temple dedicated to a saint. If your Temple is dedicated to a feast of the Lord, or of the Theotokos, the order will usually be different, so consult the Rubrics Page.



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