Holy Apostle Jude & St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco


Great Vespers: Blessed is the man.

Lord I have Cried, Tone 1, on 8: Apostle 4 (O most wise and lauded Jude); Hierarch 4 (Let us hymn John); G: Apostle (Thou didst manifestly receive); N: Dogmatic Theotokion, Tone 1 (Let us hymn the Virgin Mary).

Entry; O Gladsome Light; Prokimenon of the day, Tone 7: O God, my helper art Thou. 3 Reading for the Apostle & 3 Readings for the Hierarch.

Litia: Temple and Hierarch (When thou wast yet a child).

Aposticha: Apostle (O Apostle, thou didst receive invincible authority); G: Hierarch (Thou wast truly a model); N: Theotokion in the Menaion, Tone 6 (Christ the Lord).

Troparia: Hierarch (Lo, thy care for thy flock) x2; O Theotokos and Virgin x1.


Matins: God is the Lord, Tone 1; Troparia: Apostle (Knowing thee to be the kinsman of Christ) x2; G: Hierarch; N: Theotokion, Tone 1 (When Gabriel announced).

After each Kathisma: Sessional hymns of the Apostle; G: Hierarch; N: Theotokion.

Polyeleos and Magnification of the Apostle: We magnify thee, O Apostle of Christ Jude, and we honor thy pains and labors, whereby thou hast labored in proclaiming the Gospel of Christ. Psalm verse: The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament proclaimeth the work of His hands; and of the Hierarch: We magnify thee, O holy hierarch father John, and we honor thy holy memory; for thou dost pray for us to Christ God. Psalm verse: Hear this, all ye nations; give ear, all ye that inhabit the world.

Sessional hymns of the Apostle (Divinely drawing the nations up from the abyss); G: Hierarch (O excellent lover of the glory); N: Theotokion (Having assembled today).

Hymns of Ascents, First Antiphon, Tone 4: From my youth.

Prokimenon of the Hierarch, Tone 4: Precious in the sight of the Lord.

Matins Gospel for the Hierarch: John 10:1-9 (35) (or for the Apostle, Prokimenon, Tone 4: Their sound hath gone forth. Gospel: John 21:15-25 (67))

Psalm 50; G: Through the prayers of the Apostle Jude and the Holy Hierarch John; N: Through the prayers of the Theotokos; Have mercy on me, O God. Sticheron of the Hierarch in the Menaion (The councils of the Orthodox rejoice today (or of the Apostle (Thy Salvific sound)). Save, O God, Thy people.

Canon: Theotokos 6 Most holy Theotokos, save us.*

Apostle 4 Holy Apostle Jude, pray to God for us.

Hierarch 4 Holy hierarch father John, pray to God for us.

Irmos: Thy victorious right arm.

Katavasia: I shall open my mouth.


After Ode 3, Kontakion (Following Christ, the Chief Shepherd) and Ikos of the Hierarch; Sessional hymns of the Apostle (Thou wast the brother of the Master); G: Hierarch (Thy supplications, O father John); G/N: Theotokion (O Mother of God).

After Ode 6, Kontakion (For thine adamantine mind) and Ikos of the Apostle

At Ode 9, More Honorable.

Exapostilarion: Apostle (Directing the course of thy beautiful feet upwards); G: Hierarch (Even though I have died); N: Theotokion (Celebrating, all the saints rejoice).

Praises, on 6, Tone 5: Apostle 3 (Obedient to the behest of God); Hierarch 3 (O ye faithful, with thanksgiving); G: Hierarch (We confess thy wondrous aid); N: Theotokion (O Theotokos, Queen of all). After the Great Doxology: Troparion Apostle (Knowing thee to be the kinsman of Christ); G:Hierarch; N: Theotokion, Tone 1 (When Gabriel announced); The two remaining Litanies, and the usual Dismissal of the day. First hour.


*From the canon of the Theotokos from Matins of the previous Sunday. But in a temple dedicated to the Lord or the Theotokos, 6 from the canon of the temple, with the Irmos.


Hours: Troparion: Apostle; G: Hierarch; Kontakion: Hierarch & Apostle, alternating.


Liturgy: Beatitudes on 8: From the canon of the Apostle: 4, from Ode 3; and from the Hierarch: 4, from Ode 6.

After the entrance: Troparia & Kontakia as in Appendix I, C.

Prokimenon, Tone 8: Their sound hath gone forth. & Tone 1: My mouth shall speak wisdom.

Epistle: Jude 1:1-10 ( 77); Heb. 7:26-8:2 (318).

Alleluia, Tone 1 & 2 (Apostle & Hierarch).

Gospel: John 10:9-16 (36); John 14:21-24 (48 mid).

Communion Hymn: Their sound hath gone forth. & In everlasting remembrance.