Saturday Before Cheesefare: Commemoration of all the saints, who showed forth in asceticism;


Vespers: The usual beginning of daily Vespers. Kathisma 18.

Lord, I have cried, Tone 8, on 6: Ascetics: 6 (Come, all ye faithful, and let us praise the assembly of the Holy Fathers See LTS, pp. 54f); G: Ascetics (Withstanding by ascetic effort); N: Dogmatic Theotokion, Tone 6 (Who doth not call thee blessed).

No Entry; O Gladsome Light; Prokimenon of the day, Tone 7: O God, my helper art Thou. Reading: Zech. 8:19-23. Prokimenon of the Triodion, Tone 6: Let Israel hope in the Lord, from henceforth and forevermore. Vouchsafe, O Lord; Litany: Let us complete our evening prayer.

Aposticha: Triodion (Let us cleanse ourselves, brethren LTS, p. 56, with the verses from the Horologion); G: Ascetics (The multitudes of monks); N: Theotokion from the Triodion (Hail, treasure of purity).

Now lettest Thou Thy servant. Troparia: Ascetics (O God of our Fathers); G/N: Theotokion, Tone 4 (The mystery hidden). Litany: Have mercy on us, O God; Then the priest says the prayer of St. Ephrem with 3 prostrations. Prayer: O All-Holy Trinity. Blessed be the name of the Lord x3.G/N: Psalm 33 (in its entirety). Priest: Wisdom! Choir: It is truly meet. Priest: O Most-Holy Theotokos, save us. Choir: More honorable. Priest: Glory to Thee. Choir: G/N; Lord, have mercy; Father, bless! Priest: Dismissal.


Small Compline: Canon of the Departed, Tone 6 from the Octoechos (from Matins). Irmos: Traversing the deep on foot. After It is truly meet: Kontakion of the Ascetics (Thou hast made the assembly of the God-bearers illustrious).


Matins: The Priest stands in front of the Holy Table with the censer: Blessed is our God. Reader: Amen. [If there was no Midnight Office, the Reader continues with O Heavenly King, then:] Trisagion to Our Father. Priest: For Thine is the Kingdom. Reader: Amen. Psalms 19 and 20, during which the Priest censes the temple. Litany and the exclamation Glory to the Holy. The Six Psalms.

God is the Lord, Tone 4; Troparia: Ascetics (O God of our Fathers) x2; G/N: Resurrectional Theotokion, Tone 4 (The mystery hidden).

After each Kathisma: Sessional hymns of the Ascetics; G/N: Theotokion (LTS, p. 57f).

Psalm 50.


Canon: Temple 6

Ascetics 8 Venerable fathers, pray to God for us.

Irmos of the Temple.

Katavasia from the Triodion: O ye people, let us raise a song.

Ode 2 is taken entirely from the Triodion, and for that ode, the Irmos and the Katavasia are likewise of the Triodion.


After Ode 3, Sessional hymns of the Ascetics (Let us glorify); G: Ascetics (Ye have broken asunder); N: Theotokion (I am held fast in the mire of sin).

After Ode 6, Kontakion of the Ascetics (Thou hast made the assembly of the God-bearers illustrious) and Ikos.

At Ode 9, More Honorable; After Ode 9: It is truly meet is not sung. Small Litany (usual).

Exapostilarion of the Ascetics (O multitude of holy Fathers): G/N: Theotokion (Let us praise in hymns of joy).

Praises, Tone 8, on 4: Ascetics 4 (O ye faithful, let us all glorify); G: Ascetics (Holy Fathers); N: Theotokion (O Theotokos, thou art the true vine). After the Great Doxology, the Troparion: Ascetics (O God of our Fathers); G/N: Resurrectional Theotokion, Tone 4 (The mystery hidden); the two remaining Litanies and the Dismissal; First Hour.


Hours: Troparion: Ascetics; Kontakion: Ascetics.


Liturgy: Beatitudes on 8: Ascetics: 4, from Ode 3; and 4, from Ode 6.

After the entrance: In a Temple of the Lord or of the Theotokos: Troparion of the Temple; Ascetics; G: Kontakion of the Ascetics; N: Temple.

In a Temple of a Saint: Troparion of the Temple; Ascetics; Kontakion of the Temple; G: Ascetics; N: O protection of Christians.

Prokimenon, Tone 4: The saints shall boast in glory, and they shall rejoice upon their beds.

Epistle: Rom. 14:19-26 (115); Gal. 5:22-6:2 ( 213).

Alleluia: Tone 2.

Gospel: Matt. 6:1-13 (16); Matt 11:27-30 (43).

Communion verse: Rejoice in the Lord, O ye righteous.